Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Shilpa Shetty: Sexy but hated

If ya go on Big Brother you should expect to be slagged off. After all, that’s what the show is all about – a bunch of yobs doing whatever they can to get the other people kicked out. So Shilpa Shetty should have been aware what she was letting herself in for. Ah well. Poor lass. No one likes being called a #### do they? But you shouldn’t feel too sorry for her. Cos she’ll probably go on and win the show…

London, Jan. 22 (PTI): After the eviction of Jade Goody, who admitted to making racist comments against Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty, another bully in British reality TV show 'Big Brother', Dannielle Loyd, may now be shown the door.

Amid accusations of a "coached" peacemaking session between her and Indian movie star Shilpa Shetty by Channel 4, fans remain disgusted at the former Miss great Britain's role in the cruel taunts, the tabloid 'Daily Express' reported today.

Danielle, 23, is expected to face the chop this week.

She and "fellow-bully" Jo O'Meara, 27, can expect the type of backlash that greeted Jade Goody whose career is in tatters.

Danielle, like Jade, is almost certain to face a career meltdown when she steps out of the Big Brother house to face questions over the racism allegations.

Her footballer boyfriend Teddy Sheringham is reported to have already dumped her over fears that his image could be ruined and modelling contracts cancelled.

The West Ham player is concerned that her ignorant outburst will damage relations with his non-white team mates, the report said.

In a TV interview yesterday, 25-year-old Jade, a former dental nurse, tearfully admitted her behaviour had been the biggest mistake of her life.

She said she was "shocked and disgusted " by her actions on the Channel 4 show "I hate myself, right now."

But she admitted that "Things that I may not think are racist can actually be racist".