Monday, 28 January 2008

Dede: Tree Man Indonesia

Some one has pointed out one of the most incredible photographs I have ever seen:

His name is Dede and he lives in Indonesia.

Now at first I thought this might be some sort of sick joke – perhaps to raise awareness of the rainforests or something – but it seems not. Those bark like warts are real! And that’s why the local villagers dub him the “Tree Man”.

What’s incredible is that for most of his young life he was perfectly normal. It was only shortly after he cut himself – when working as a fisherman - that the growths started:

Unfortunately for Dede, he suffers from an extremely rare genetic disorder and when he cut himself he contracted a human papilloma virus.

This explains Dede’s current misery.

Dede’s case also serves as a sharp reminder how precarious our lives are, and how we should value every day we live. Sure, we’d be very unlucky to share Dede’s fate but diseases like cancer and accidents can strike us down at any moment. Just look at the story of “Superman” Christopher Reeves.

And it’s cases like Dede’s that are one of the strongest arguments against the existence of God, of course. After all, what could Dede have possible done wrong to warrant such a terrible affliction? And if God were so perfect, then why do genetic disorders exist in the first place?

But I’ll tell you one thing –

Next time I go fishing I’m going to wear gloves!

Note (21 Oct 08): There is no truth in the rumour that Treeman Dede has plans to get married. It does make you wonder though: My God darling what’s that on the end of your willy?! Thinking about this, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

Latest update: Tree Man Dede has now gone home!

Update (2) I’ve just managed to track down the latest pictures of Treeman Dede at some sort of press conference he gave after his recent operation. A lot of the growths have been removed from his face but he is still far from “normal”; his hands are still in a particularly bad state. Be warned these pictures are very graphic, so don’t blame me if you don’t feel like eating your lunch. It’s stuff like this that should remind us all how lucky we are. See the pics by clicking here. Thanks.


Ericka said...

Yesterday I watched the TV program about DEDE. And I googled DEDE today. So I find your blog... You don't have to worry about that you need to wear gloves to fish. It's the normal virus around our world. It is all about his anti-virus ability of immunization. So.... Be strong, healthy and smile. your immunixation will protect you!

MJ said...

Ericka > I certainly hope so! thanks.