Friday, 1 February 2008

Eschatology (Armageddon): you'll have time...

By the time you read this I may well be dead
And you, my friend, might be next…

>You’ll have time by William Shatner

Eschatology (kiamat or Armageddon) is, strangely enough, one area where the religious and the secular are on common ground. The only real difference is in the selection process. According to the religious types, the "worthy" members of the “one true faith” will be "spared" from the coming judgment and wrath of God before taking the toll road to paradise. Evil types like me, however, will be zapped off the face of the Earth as God gets out his laser gun in a sort of divine version of Space Invaders to clock up a new high score.

As for the secularists, they believe doomsday may be a lot further off. But when it does finally arrive there won’t be any discriminatory policies in play: we’ll all be fried to a cinder when that bright yellow sun of ours turns supernova and consumes our planet.

And so the entire legacy of humankind will be erased forever. Just like a burnt-out computer hard drive. All my blog posts will be lost. All blog posts will be lost - as will all the other millions of other pages on the net - in addition to all the world’s art, photos, literature, and physical creations of course. A sobering thought indeed.

So when will this kiamat arrive? Well, noone really knows. Cos although the date is preordained, God ain’t letting on. Crafty eh?

But even if this kiamat doesn’t take place in your lifetime there ain’t no time to waste. If you’re only 30 years old then the fuel tank is probably only two-thirds full; if you are just forty then the fuel tank is less than half full; and if you are more than 50, well, let us say, that you might want to watch your mileage a bit.

So don’t waste time.

Be like me and do as little housework as possible!