Monday, 14 January 2008

Going counter-clockwise around the Kabba too

The Kaaba is the famous cube shaped building located inside the magnificent al-Masjid al-Haram mosque in Mecca. It is the holiest place in Islam. Interestingly, there is a black stone in the eastern corner of the Kabba – supposedly a meteorite remnant – but quite what it is doing in the Kabba and what its significance to Islam is I’m not really sure. It’s not that big and is only 30 cm in diameter.


And like joggers who run around football stadiums counter-clockwise, Muslim pilgrims also circle the Kabba in counter-clockwise fashion when then perform the Tawaf ritual. They circle it seven times.

But then again why counter clockwise?

Well, apparently, because it means that the pilgrims walk in the same direction as certain “forces” that are in play around the Kabba.

So is this also why joggers run counter clockwise around football stadiums the world over?

Well have you got a better answer?!!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you wont find the answer to your question in the Qu'ran but I'm sure you'll find a lot of better answers :D
Assalam u a'laikum wa rahmatu Allah
(Peace and mercy of Allah be to you)