Friday, 22 February 2008

The G-spot ... have you got one?

Further reason to be a sceptic!

New search has been done to see if the fabled G Spot really does exist.

Well, apparently it does –

- but not in all women!

Now that’s not fair…

Facts about the G-Spot:

1) The G-spot was named after the German gynaecologist Ernst Grafenberg, the first person to describe it in1944.
2) The G-spot is sometimes called ‘the sacred spot’.
3) The G-spot isn’t a spot. It’s an area about 1-2 inches large and is said to increase in size with stimulation.
4) If you’re not turned on, your G-spot may only be as big as a pea.
5) A theory states that the G-spot is similar to the male prostate, due to a missing Y chromosome developing in the female foetus.
6) The G-spot is described as feeling a bit like a walnut.

Source: the Sun