Thursday, 21 February 2008

It’s a dog’s life

Every society is based upon lies. Our society of today is based on conflicting lies. The man who lived in a simple, stable, single-lie society absorbed the single-lie system into a unified self and spouted it for the rest of his life, uncontradicted by his friends and neighbors and unaware that ninety-eight percent of his beliefs were illusions, his values artificial and arbitrary and most of his desires comically ill-aimed.

> Luke Rhinehart

Lake Batur in Bali is a simply beautiful lake with an ethereal ambience at dawn. But while walking around the lake during my holiday a while back I came across a bunch of children treating a stray and mangy dog in a manner which, well, would not exactly win commendations from the RSPCA.

The poor thing was being used for target practice. Direct hits scored 25 points and a headshot counted double. So I picked up a stone to join in the fun. But as much as I tried, I simply couldn’t do it: the Western indoctrination and brainwashing that has afflicted me since early childhood seemed to kick in at the critical moment, rendering me completely impotent.

Westerners of course get highly agitated when it comes to the topic of animal rights. And more than 90% of pet owners in the UK even consider their pets to be an equal member of the family! (are we really that mad?) Some play the role of the Good Samaritan and save stray dogs, while others suffer months of torment as they mourn the loss of a pet moggy.

But such beliefs are quite bizarre when you think about it. After all, just imagine how many human lives could be saved in Africa if pet owners in the West spent less on pampering their cats and dogs and gave the money to charity instead? Trade a dog’s life for a human’s life. Wouldn’t that be better? Or perhaps not…

Did you just call me a dog, you pig?