Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Why do men go bald?

Yesterday in a bar I saw a guy who looked a lot like this:

And it got me thinking. Some older men go bald. But why? There doesn’t seem to be any real reason does there? And it’s not an aging thing either – many men start to go bald in their 40s. Hardly old age. And as well as that, balding doesn’t affect women either. So what is going on?

Well, the experts can’t reach a consensus, and about the best they can come up with is a speculative theory which suggests that baldness is an “evolutionary phenomenon” to convey increased status and maturity:

This suggests baldness evolved in males through sexual selection as an enhanced signal of aging and social maturity, whereby aggression and risk-taking decline and nurturing behavior increases. This may convey a male with enhanced social status but reduced physical threat, which could enhance the ability to secure reproductive partners and raise offspring to adulthood.

So don’t worry if you’re going bald - women will still like you.

Or you can always wear a wig of course!