Friday, 25 July 2008

Aliens are after George Bush!!!!!

This is just too amazing:

Aliens are after George Bush!

Surprising though the story didn’t make headline news and as far as I can see it was only published in a few newspapers.

The incredible news relates to a UFO incident that occurred back in January this year.

The Mutual UFO Network then requested information from the Federal Aviation Administration which supplied them with some interesting data:

- The “unknown craft” was traveling at speeds up to 2,100 mph
- US military jets chased after it
- It was between 524 feet and 1,000 feet long
- It was within 10 miles of Bush's ranch at around 8 p.m
- At one time, the object accelerated to 532 mph in about 30 seconds and decelerated to 49 mph in 10 seconds


Source: the Houston Chronicle

But why the craft is more likely to be piloted by Russians than little green men I will reveal in my next post.

Aliens may not be fond of Bush either but they are very unlikely to ever meet him