Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Cult of the Day: the Raelians

Sounding more like a pop punk band rather than a religious group, the Raelians (website here) are no strangers to controversy themselves and recently came into the spotlight by protesting the Pope’s visit to Australia.

They proclaim there is no God, but instead take the view that all life on Earth was spawned by an alien master race called the Elohim.

Founded by French sports car journalist Claude Vorillhon in 1974 after he had a chance encounter with an alien, the Raelians believe that Elohim shall reveal the “ultimate truth of reality” (a bag of pot perhaps?) when Armageddon finally comes along.

Daily activities of cult members include constructing landing pads so that Elohim space ships can arrive safely on planet Earth.

And not only that – yep there’s more – they even believe that couples should be prohibited from using little rubber sacks called condoms to protect themselves from nasty diseases as well as to prevent unwanted pregnancies!!!

Okay! Take it easy! I’m just joking on that of course! Cos nobody could come up with a notion that ridiculous could they?

NB: the Raeliens do however support human cloning. And not just stem cell research – but complete human clones. It is reported they have close links with Clonaid – a controversial company that claims to have produced the world’s first human clone, named - rather unoriginally in my opinion - Eve. It truly is a wacky world out there children – so take care!