Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Why green men don’t fly UFOs

It’s incredible how many people believe in UFOs.

A survey by the Sun suggest that 37 per cent of Brits think an alien has already visited Earth and about 13 per cent believe they already live among us!!

And what’s even more incredible is that former NASA astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell agrees that aliens have visited Earth (here, here, here, here & here).

But if you’ve ever read any basic science book you’ll know why UFOs are unlikely to be full of little green men. Or men of any color for that matter.

And that is because Space is much much vaster than any of us can comprehend.

In fact, our Solar System is all there really is for trillions of miles. Sure the school room charts give the impression that the planets are quite close, but it isn’t really like that. Neptune for example isn’t just a bit beyond Jupiter. Its way beyond Jupiter – some five times from Jupiter than Jupiter is from us.

And drawn to scale – with the Earth the size of a pea – Jupiter would be 300 meters away!! But that’s nothing – little old Pluto would be an astonishing 2.5 kms away!!!!! And as for our nearest star Proxima Centauri? Well that would be 16,000 kms away on the same scale!!

The point is that Space is unimaginably vast, and the distances astonishing. Our nearest star is 4.3 light years away, but many stars are hundreds and thousands of light years away!!!!

And how far have humans managed to travel? Just to the moon! Even a sojourn to Mars – that’s nothing in the scale of travel in the cosmos – is still far beyond us.

As such, for an alien civilianization to reach Earth it would have to be incredibly advanced. So advanced that it could build aircraft that could travel at close to the speed of light (1,079,252,848.8 km/h).

And then we are expected to believe that these aliens are so incompetent that they like to spend their time just messing around on Earth and dropping by for cupcakes, flying close by to the US president’s residence (but not actually bothering to contact him), getting involved in chases with US military aircraft, and most blazingly bizarre of all – sometimes kidnapping humans to find out more about us but, at the same time, botching the whole operation so that we have memories of being “borrowed” for a few hours or so!

And that’s the rub. Because if there really were creatures out there intelligent enough to visit Earth they wouldn’t be so incompetent to let us know they existed if they didn’t want us to know. And what’s more, if they really did make the effort to travel such a huge distance to come to Earth, you’d think they’d make a strong effort to actually contact us, wouldn’t you?

Another point against those that believe in aliens is that there have been so many UFO/alien sightings. Because rather than suggest that there is any realistic chance that the incredibly huge distance of Space could actually be covered by spacecraft, this just goes to show that the deluded UFO freaks are really lost in their own world when it comes to science. I bet they couldn’t even make a paper plane that could reach the bottom of the garden!