Friday, 12 September 2008

Barack Obama: Muslim? Or not?

Barack Obama and the democrats should be worried. They had been doing well. And then, right out of the blue, Palin confesses that her underage daughter is pregnant. So the troops rally round. After that she comes up with a fine speech and the Republicans are on the march again.

Palin Power is in its ascendancy. And there are even Palin action figure dolls to manhandle – if that’s your cup of tea of course. Sure, the democrats could stick pins in their ones to put a voodoo curse on her but that would probably galvanize her even more.

And that’s not all. Because Barack Obama is facing increasing scrutiny over his religious beliefs. And 1 in 10 Americans now believe he is Muslim. Obama denies this, of course, but he is in tough territory here.

First of all is the general ignorance of Americans toward the Muslim faith. Nevermind the fact that there are millions of American Muslims, virtually all of whom live peacefully, but if the religion card is played well by the Republicans, Obama will be in trouble. Like it or not, the Americans want a Christian leader. And if they think Obama is not one, he will not get in. Simple as that.

Also, it is getting increasingly difficult for Obama to convince Americans that he is Christian. And why is that? Well, apart from his recent Freudian slip when he said that he was Muslim, it should also be remembered that his middle name is the very Muslim “Hussein”. So that raises certain questions. After all, if Obama’s father was a Muslim, shouldn’t Obama be one too? And that’s what many people in the Muslim world think - Barack Hussein Obama is really a Muslim – even if he doesn’t admit it. The son of a Muslim father must be Muslim too. No other way about it.

It’s all very sad really as religious beliefs should play no part in secular politics. But then again, in America, politics aren’t really secular are they?

So if Obama does win, the Muslim world might take the view that the US has elected a Muslim as its president. I bet they’ll be rubbing their eyes in disbelief…