Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The end of the world

Just imagine you only have one more day to live. And everyone only has one more day to live. Something which we find an absurd notion, yet, strangely enough it’s absolutely inevitable as well. The world will end one day. It’s just a matter of when and how.

The most likely reason will be a huge meteor hitting the Earth. That could well wipe out most of the planet’s population, not only from incineration in the initial strike but also from resultant tidal waves and severe climatic changes which would lead to crops failure on a dramatic scale, and thus mass starvation.The probability of getting killed from a metor hiiting the earth is, interestingly enough, about the same as being killed from a lightening strike, given that so many people would be killed.

Alternatively, of course, we could destroy the planet ourselves. A devastating global nuclear war used to be the main worry, but now global warming is seen to be a far greater threat. Here come the floods – well I hope you’re well prepared and have built an ark.

But then again the world could end on September 10, 2008. That’s right folks – you may not have much longer to live.

And the reason? Well that will be the day the switch goes on at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a 17-mile circumference atom-smashing machine built underneath the Alps.

And what do the doomsayers fear? Well that the energies released will be so powerful that a tiny black hole is created, which then goes on to consume itself, getting larger and larger until it eventually engulfs the entire planet!

Now the scientists can’t say this won’t happen – because you can never positively disprove a supposed event in the future – however unlikely – but they do say that:

any black holes produced by the collider would be “microscopic” and would decay almost immediately because they would lack the energy to grow or be sustained.

So you can feel better now. But if you did know – for sure – that the world would end tomorrow, what would you do?

Well, here’s an interesting list:

1. Make Amends
Seek forgiveness from those people that was done wrong, because of something that you did to them. Taking this step will help heal a guilty conscience and renew a relationship.

2. Take The Family Out
It is hard to imagine taking the family out to dinner especially if it is to a fancy and expensive restaurant, but considering that this will be the last time, then it is put into perspective. If you cannot spend time with your family on the last day on earth, then when will be a good time?

3. Reflection
This would be a good time to reflect on your life to allow yourself the opportunity to make your peace with God or to life or to whatever you believe in.

4. Call a Friend
If you haven't ever called a friend and to tell them how much you care for them, then this would be an excellent time to start.

5. Adventurous
Ever wanted to do something adventurous, but was always worried that it might be too dangerous? Well, now is the time to take that whitewater rafting trip or take that leap of faith and jump out of that perfectly good airplane.

6. Take a Gamble
Not much of a gambler, that's ok, because there is no time like the present to live large and bet the house on black on the roulette wheel. With the world ending tomorrow what the heck.

7. Be a Hero
For some people the news of the world ending tomorrow may be too much to handle and you could be there to comfort them and try to ease their fright. Be someone's hero.

8. Throw a Party
Invite the neighborhood over for a throw down party at your house. Do it right. Grill the biggest burgers and steaks with plenty of baked potatoes for your guests to munch down on. You can't change what tomorrow will bring, so don't panic, just party.

9. Make Love
Need I say more?

10. Assume The Position
Now that you have had the chance to get your affairs in order, it is time to do one last thing. Bend over and kiss your butt good-bye!!!

Source: Socyberty