Thursday, 11 September 2008

Jay Ladin: from man to woman!

There is joy for Jay Ladin. And not just because he is happy, but because he has really become Joy, “his” new name after a sex change operation!

So he – er she - has gone back to work at New York's Yeshiva University where she is a professor in modernist American poetry.

At first the university wasn’t too pleased at Jay’s plans to change his sex, but they eventually relented and said that he could return. As a woman.

But while Joy now looks like a women is she really?

Well, there are four factors that determine sex in humans. They are:

• Chromosomes,
• Gonads (ovaries and/or testicles),
• Hormone status, and
• Primary sex characteristics

And it’s not possible to change all these factors. Chromosomes, of course, can never be changed. As for gonads, well they can be removed, but not replaced. Ouch! Anyone want to become a eunuch?

Hormones, however, can easily be changed using drugs. Just go to Thailand and you can find some beautiful “women” there, but take them back home and you might get the shock of your life – as often happens to unsuspecting tourists who get drunk in Thai bars!

As for primary sex characteristics, well that remains a tough one although surgery and hormones can, theoretically, turn male anatomy into reasonable looking female plumbing. But as for changing female genital anatomy into an even reasonably decent looking male one, well, that is virtually impossible (as you might well imagine!)

Anyway, Joy is now happy. And good luck to her!


GMG said...

very interesting post! :) i wonder how her life is right now. Hope she's happy!