Monday, 15 September 2008

Latest pictures of Treeman Dede

 Treeman Dede No bananas don’t grow on trees (or on Treeman either)

 Treeman Dede Who’s he gonna call? His girlfriend perhaps?

 Treeman Dede Even writing is tough for Dede


Jackie said...

This was heart-breaking to see on TV last night. Dede remained so dignified and unjudgmental throughout his ordeal in hospital; the media circus; the government standover tactics; the boredom of being cooped up and treated like a guinea pig for over 5 months; his loneliness; and his obvious pain. What a cruel fate to befall any of us and there but for the grace of God go us all. Thank God for his very loving and supportive family and the ongoing concern and interest of the American doctor. God bless you Dede and pray the chemo-drip and vitamin A mega doses kill this ghastly papilloma virus.

aullah said...

Good jobs. I must thanks that doctor for their works. I think more doctors need to come forward and help these type of people. GOD bless!