Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The meaning of life: an empty fishbowl

The early hours of last Sunday proved to be very inspiring for me.

First of all, there came the realization – through the properties of light - that a cat can be both dead and alive at the same time.

And secondly, in another deep connection between mystical experience and scientific discovery, the actions of my pet moggie made it quite clear to me I think of what the actual universe looks like.

And when this vision came to me I was absolutely in no doubt that it is a very good model of the universe (and the theory of everything).

What my cat did was nothing out of the extraordinary – he only took and ate the single senseless goldfish from the goldfish bowl, but it is in such innate moments of normality that I had the most extraordinary vision; an awakening of the senses if you like.

For the universe is actually an empty glass fishbowl about 1 foot in diameter. You and I my friends are only tiny water molecules of the whole of existence, and the creator, the real God, is the top scientist in his dimension who runs the grand experiment.

Looking down on you right now with his version of a scanning electron microscope, He gives a wink to His colleagues and enjoys a good laugh at the feeble attempts to explain to you that you are nothing but a tiny water molecule on the pimple of existence.

And no my friends: the Earth molecule is absolutely not in the center of the fishbowl. God would be offended by such an egoistic thought!

But don’t be downhearted! No! Instead take solace in the fact that God considers each and every one of the "human" molecules the most important sentient forms in the existence we call the universe. After all, you are created in His image, but only on a much smaller scale...