Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The Sarah Palin action figure doll!!!!!

One of the great things about capitalists is that they see opportunity and riches where others see only humiliation and an underage pregnant daughter of the first woman running for a Republican presidential ticket.

And so, for a mere 30 bucks you can now have your own Palin doll (they can be bought here). And that’s not all – there are three versions of America’s sexiest soon-to-be grandma!!!

1. Palin the Executive

Definitely the most conservative (sic) of the three, the “Palin the Executive” doll is pretty well covered up in a black suit that makes her look like a bloody ninja. Give this one to your kids.

2. Palin the Schoolgirl

Now this is more like it! The skimpy tartan skirt is short enough so that you can almost see her knickers – does she wear any? – and the bright red bra alludes to substantial Palin cleavage. No doubts that Dads across America will be buying this version in great numbers as a suitable companion for their lonely Action Men figures. Way to go!

3. Panin the Superhero

Sexy and ridiculous at the same time. Again the skirt is so short it leaves little to imagination. And despite the black “Batman” type cloak, Palin still looks more like a sexy S&M bondage freak than a superhero. The knobbly knees are also a bit of a turnoff.

But the best is still to come: an inflatable will be out for Christmas. Wives of America watch out!