Thursday, 18 September 2008

Sexy Michelle Obama shows her, er, bust!

Get ready for this folks –

A sexy bare-shouldered Michelle Obama, revealing her, er, bust, which is adorned with the tattoo of a US flag!!!

And I’m not making it up. Really. Here’s the pic:

Not a bad effort in my opinion. Her bust is nice (!) and the tattoo of the US flag sort of combines black heritage pride and US patriotism at the same time. Wonderful.

Her spiral-textured hairdo is pretty impressive as well, of course!

At the same time, though, I’m not so sure about the “pearl-studded Afro pick” which is shaped like an eagle and sits on the top of her head. Makes her look a bit silly really.

And the massive hoop earrings? Are they really a dig at Oprah Winfrey, informing her that a new ‘Lady O’s’ in charge?

According to sculptor Daniel Edwards, the goal was to “create a look for Michelle Obama that eliminates excessive comparisons to Jackie Kennedy”

Well, he certainly got that right – the bust looks nothing like Jackie!

He also says that “gold is found within us” and that the US$2.8 million gold cast of Kate Moss by sculptor Marc Quinn at the British Museum is a racist abhorrence.

“The sculpture of someone like Michelle Obama doesn’t need to be cast in gold for people to understand its value,” said Edwards.

Nope. True enough, but a bust of a black lady in gold would look a bit funny anyway.

His other works include “The Presidential Bust of Hillary Rodham Clinton” and “The Iraq War Memorial” featuring a war-dead Prince Harry clutching the cameo-locket of his late mother, Princess Diana.

As for future projects, he’s not sure –

- but just imagine what he could do with Palin!!!