Thursday, 18 September 2008

Zhang Deke: the electricity man!!!

Zhang Deke from China has something; he really does. I mean could you illuminate three six-watt light bulbs by merely placing them on your head and ears?

And that isn’t the end of his talents – he can also cook a fish in two minutes - in his hands! Wow – in another era he’d be hailed as a prophet or something.

Amazing what these communists can get up to eh?

So how does he do it?

Well, he says that electricity runs through his body – a whopping 240 volts - a claim which although sounds ludicrous has yet to be disproved. The Xinjiang Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences examined Zhang in 1994 and said he had a physical dysfunction – whatever that may mean (I reckon he’s got an oversized Duracell stuck up his butt) - but failed to provide further details.

Note: as a result of his electrifying efforts, Ripley's have paid him the ultimate honour by putting him on the front of their newest book: Ripley's Believe It or Not! "Prepare to be Shocked!". Well done that man!