Thursday, 9 October 2008

Amy Winehouse to become a Scientologist?!!

 Amy Winehouse I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult

>Rita Rudner, US comedian, writer and actor (1953- )

Holy shit.

There’s news that the raspy-voiced Brit singer Amy Winehouse is gonna become a Scientologist!

"She's had a call from the celebrity branch of the Church of Scientology," a source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper. "They told her they wanted to help her beat drugs and could tailor-make a program so she wouldn't have to go to a residential center. She liked that idea because her husband Blake is out of prison soon and wouldn't want to be away from him when he's finally freed."

Well, I am crushed. I honestly am. This is exactly the same feeling I had when my Mum told me that the Tooth Fairy doesn't exist. It hurts bad. Real bad.

Amy Winehouse, the filthy-mouthed diva, sex kitten and tattooed druggie – how she gave us hope against the forces of conservatism!

And now she’s gonna become a scientologist! Arggg!!!

Now, I'm not saying that this will destroy her incredible talent – but it definitely will make her albums less enjoyable. Frank will never sound the same again that’s for sure.

But could it have been worse? Well not really. To be honest, I would have preferred to hear that she liked wearing fur. Or even that she had plans to join the Japanese in their cruel whale hunting escapades. Anything but join the Church of Scientology!

But what could possibly have made her want to do such a silly thing? After all, it’s not as if she’s an out-of-work actor who needs to revitalise her carer by joining the Tom Cruise Club of Wackiness. But that could be it, of course. Her way to break into films? Amy Winehouse to star with old Tom in his next Hollywood blockbuster? Well, I wouldn’t bet against it…

Notes: Scientology was created by American science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard. Thinking his ideas were so good, he decided to use them as the basis for a new religion and established the Church of Scientology in December 1953. Like other religions, Scientology also has its own “scriptures” – some 18 basic books and 3,000 recorded lectures. There is, however, no single Scientology book that is the equivalent of the Bible or Qur'an. Although no less wacky than the conventional religions, the Church of Scientology has been accused of being a cult. But quite where a cult ends and a religion begins is not so clear of course. Scientology, for example, is said to use strong arm tactics against members who wish to leave the organisation. But that is also true for some major religions as well. In addition, membership of the organisation is not free and dues have to be paid. But, hey, who ever said that God wasn’t a businessman right?


Ronbot Van Helsing said...

Now WHY would high-level scientologist JOHN COALE abruptly switch support from the Clintons to SARAH PALIN and JOHN MCCAIN?? Of course, because Palin is a DE FACTO SCIENTOLOGIST by pledging her support to DOMINIONIST CHRISTIAN groups who are in cahoots with the CULT of Scientology via the CNP.

Coale's about-face is a perfect illustration of how his political choices have NOTHING to do with Democratic or Republican party ideals, but WHAT EACH CANDIDATE CAN DO FOR SCIENTOLOGY. We already know the Clintons are in bed with scientology, and so when Hillary lost her bid, Coale switched parties because Palin is connected to scientology and Obama is not.