Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Lindsey Evans Arrested For Theft And Drug Possession!

Someone once asked me why there are so many jokes about dumb blondes despite persuasive evidence that blondes are no less intelligent than other people?

Well know I know the answer.

Miss Teen Lousiana, Lindsey Evans, was arrested over the weekend in Bossier City Louisana for leaving a restaurant with friends without paying the bill of $46.07.

Evans was eating at a restaurant called Posado's with her three friends when apparently they decided to skip the bill and leave it for the restaurant to pay.

But unfortunately for Lindsey Evans she had left her purse behind! And when the group came back for the purse the police were there and placed Evans and her friends under arrest. Evan's purse contained marijuana which was even worse for the teen who is also charged for theft when arrested.


You couldn’t make it up could you!

Note: One reason that blondes may be perceived to be less intelligent is because, since they are seen to be sexually and physically attractive, they can easily find a male partner to support them, and therefore do not need to make onerous investments in education and training. In other words, they are behaving perfectly rationally: why study hard to get a high paying job when you can simply have the easy life?

Luscious Lindsey Evans may not have brains, but she must have many suitors.