Thursday, 30 October 2008

Men are like baboons

baboonIt’s long been known that female baboons “redden” in order to attract the amorous advances of primate males.

But what’s interesting is that new research shows that humans show similar behavioral traits: if a woman dresses in red she is more likely to get sexual come-ons than if she wore any other colour!

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Nonhuman primate males are known to respond amorously to females who redden when they are near ovulation. Likewise, according to the studies conducted by University of Rochester psychologists, Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta, a female wearing red affects human males like an aphrodisiac, quite without their conscious awareness.

Elliot and Niesta conducted five experiments in which men responded to questions about pictures they were shown. The findings of all five studies indicated that men were more sexually attracted to women dressed in red or that simply had red frames around their pictures. The "red effect" was only observed in males and only reflected the aspect of the female's attractiveness, not her personality characteristics or intelligence.

The research has obvious implications for the fashion and advertising industries. Anyone dating may want to take note as well. And perhaps politicians will also catch on and wear red clothes to boost their popularity…

Shit! I should have looked before I wrote! But has she got a red bum as well?!!!