Tuesday, 21 October 2008

MOD UFO reports for 1997-2007 now declassified!!!!!

Incredible!! There’s news that the UK Ministry of Defence has now declassified “UFO” sightings in the period 1997 to 2007 and made the reports available for download over the internet!

The files are massive but fortunately a highlights guide has been made which concisely summaries the most interesting UFO sightings. Download it here.

Some notable sightings include:

Pages 160 - 161: In 1988 a West Midlands woman made a report to RAF Cosford of a dome-shaped UFO which descended towards her to reveal windows behind which she saw in a lighted cabin ‘three people, two sitting and one standing; all appeared to be wearing white suits’.

Sycologist comment: so the men in white suits have come to take her away huh? Either that or they were on their way to a wedding.

Pages 90 - 92: Space-junk - both meteorites and pieces of satellites and rocket bodies burning up on re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere - are a common cause of spectacular UFO reports.

Sycologist comment: makes sense to me.

Page 191: Re-fuelling exercises by USAF F-111 aircraft trailed by giant KC-135 tankers identified as the source of a UFO described as “big as a football field” sighted by hundreds of people in the Midlands on the night of 9 December 1987.

Page 409: Claim that two alleged Government agents with MoD identity cards visited a man in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, who had taken a fuzzy photograph of an alien creature near a landed UFO on Ilkley Moor in December 1987.

Sycologist comment: Alien creature? Probably a Yorkshire Terrier!

Page 64: RAF Tornado jets overtaken by UFO. The crews of six RAF Tornado jets from 2 Squadron, Laarbruch, reported being over-taken by giant UFO whilst on an exercise controlled by Dutch radar.

Sycologist comment: Bloody Russians – always have to upstage us.

Pages 147, 194 and 224: RAF Tornado fires missile at UFO over Blackpool.

Sycologist comment: how to sell the human race to aliens – shoot ‘em down.

Page 35: Laser light shows at outdoor rock concerts including Tina Turner at Wembley spark UFO alerts in London in 1989.

Sycologist comment: Is Tina Turner the sexiest alien ever?

Page 102 – 106: On 17 June four passengers on a Hamburg-bound Dan Air 737 saw “a wingless projectile pass below and to the left of the aircraft” as it climbed out of Gatwick.

Sycologist comment: A ground to air missile? Were terrorists trying to shoot the plane down?

Page 102 – 106: On 15 July, the crew of a Britannia Airways Boeing 737 returning from Greece and descending into Gatwick under London control saw “a small black lozenge-shaped object” zoom past at high speed just 100 yards of the port side of the aircraft whilst at 14,000 feet.

Sycologist comment: Space junk?

There are good reasons to be sceptical over aliens flying UFOs – I’ve written about this before, here. After all, if there really were creatures out there intelligent enough to visit Earth I don’t think they’d be flying their space ships like incompetents, having near misses with commercial aircraft, and inadvertently showing their white suits to housewives in the West Midlands. And what’s more, if they really did make the effort to travel such huge distances to come to Earth, you’d think they’d make a pretty strong effort to actually make contact with us, wouldn’t you?

But what’s interesting is why the MOD has suddenly become open on the matter of UFOs. Could it be that they are preparing us for the “BIG ONE” when they unveil a little green man to the nation who wishes us all galactic warm greetings from nebula 14? Or maybe the MOD is simply fed up with having to answer questions from anorak wearing conspiracy theorists who are seeking more info on UFOs as if they were Agent Mulder in the X files. Well, I think I know which it is…