Monday, 27 October 2008

Richard Dawkins takes on Harry Potter!

Who the hell does Dawkins think he is?!! If he wants to lay into the world’s great religions, that’s fine by me, but to take on Harry Potter? Utterly unforgivable!

So what’s the problem? Well Dawkins reckons that tales of witchcraft and wizardry could harm children!

Well, poppycock I say! Cos let’s face it: kids have been reading fairytales for generations. And how many of them are taking frogs to bed? Or exchanging their cows - or even Nintendos - for magic beans? Well, none of them! That’s how many!

Dawkins must be on the dark side alright – his atheist credentials just a smokescreen to hide the fact that he is on the dark side with Lord Voldemort!

And like Lord Voldemort, the true character of Richard Dawkins is revealed in an anagram of his name:

Dishrack Darwin!!!!!! Who would have believed it?!!!
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Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter

Fairytales: Stories such as Harry Potter may have a 'pernicious' effect on children, according to Professor Richard Dawkins

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