Monday, 13 October 2008

You are what you eat

New research published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology suggests that sugar really does make you a nicer, sweeter person:

In the experiment one group of students was given a sweet sugary drink while another group of students was given a drink sweetened by an artificial sweetener.

They were then shown a picture of Sammy, a young gay man, and asked to write for five minutes about his typical day.

Using a list of 58 stereotypes associated with gay men, the researchers then counted the number of times they were written.

Those who had drunk the sugary drink used far fewer stereotypes in their essays than those who had the artificial sweetener, leading to a theory that people can use restraint to keep objectionable thoughts to themselves when they have higher amounts of glucose in their body.

It’s an interesting notion, of course, but can it be extended to include other types of food? Well I think it can. After all, you are what you eat aren’t you? Here are my ideas:

- If you like eating chillies, you are hot tempered

- Meat eaters are more aggressive than vegetarians

- If you like chewing gum, you are a restless, irritable sort of person

- If you like drinking strong alcoholic drinks (spirits) you are depressive

- If you like eating difficult to open foods like crabs or shell fish you are a patient person

- If you like eating garlic you are a bit of a loner!

- if you like eating fatty food you are not very intelligent

Well, there’s an element of truth in most of these I reckon. Especially the last one. Just ask Jose Luis Garza who has just died at the young age of 47 after being unable to get out of bed. He weighed a staggering 449 kgs and was one of the heaviest men in the world. In fact, he was so big that the emergency officials had to knock down his bedroom wall to get his body out of the room. And the ignominy didn’t end there – he wasn’t taken to the morg in an ambulance but on the back of a pickup truck belonging to his friend!

So watch what you eat. Far better to eat oysters or chocolate. And I think you know what I mean by that!