Friday, 14 November 2008

My Rubic Cube

Put an infinite number of monkeys on an infinite number of typewriters and eventually one of them will write Ulysses.

> Nassim Nicholas Taleb

When the Rubik Cube craze broke out back in the 80’s, everyone got one. I don’t think there was anyone I knew you didn’t have one. A bit strange really because it was just another puzzle. Its attraction was its simplicity. And that you could hold it in your hands. People like to hold things in their hands and play with them it seems.

I got mine, learnt how to do it in a day, and never picked up one again. But that was the 3x3x3 version. Apparently they have more complex ones now – like the Revenge version (4x4x4) and the intimidating Professor version (5x5x5).

As for my Rubik Cube, I gave it to my cat, Kevin.

He’s still working on it but I’m hoping he’ll solve the problem soon. You don’t think I’ll have too long to wait, do you?