Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The UN and the Sistine Chapel

They call it the 21st century Sistine Chapel:

I say it’s a pompous piece of extravagant decadence.

And the cost? A reported 20 million euros!!!

Yep folks – cos that’s how much it reportedly cost to paint the ceiling of a room they now call “The New Human Rights and Alliance of Civilisations Chamber”.

The painting was done by Miquel Barcelo, one of Spain’s leading contemporary artists, and a “small” entourage of 20 assistants.

They used “hundreds of tons of paint” and it took two years to finish!

As for the funding, well that’s when it gets interesting.

Most of the funding was provided by the “ONUART” foundation. This foundation is headed by Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos and donations come from large Spanish corporations and banks. Now why would private companies want to provide funding to a foundation headed by a senior government official? Derr…..

But that’s not all, because some of the funding also came from the Spanish government’s own “development aid budget”.

Development aid? For a grandiose project that only benefits the self serving UN officials. Is that development aid? Funny that – I thought it was for giving to staving kids in Africa and stuff like that. Stupid me!

The Sistine Chapel? Why didn’t they just ask for a painting of an ivory tower instead?!!!


wankongyew said...

Nice. If the private corporations want to waste their money that way, it's their own business. As for the money that came out of the Spanish government's own aid budget, that's something Spanish voters will have to take their government to task for.