Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Gonzo Tapes and cryopreservation

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro

> Hunter S. Thompson

It’s one thing for a woman to want an ex-husband’s child but it’s another thing for a woman to want the child of an ex-husband three years after his death.

But that is apparently what Anita Thompson (former wife of Hunter S. Thompson) wants.

"We knew that one day, because of our age difference, Hunter would die and I would still be alive," she said. "We had hoped that I would have children and that they would be older by the time Hunter passed away, but we weren't blind to the fact that Hunter was 35 years older than me. It wasn't a constant discussion but it was something that we had considered."

And it’s far from being impossible as wacky old Hunter had the foresight to get some of his sperm frozen (semen cryopreservation*).

Apparently life wasn’t good enough for him – Hunter killed himself – but he still thought it would be good enough for a prospective offspring – even if he would never be around to meet them.

Now that’s weird.

For more on Hunter S. Thompson you may want to check out the just released DVD of the Gonzo Tapes. By all accounts, it’s pretty good.

*cryopreservation preserves cells/tissues by freezing them to very low temperatures – or around −196 °C. At such low temperatures all biological activity halts but special solutions have to be used otherwise the cells/tissues can be damaged in the cooling/warming process.


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