Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Huang and kappas

Huang, a Kappa girl in a Shanghai department store, is bored with her less-than-demanding job. And she wants more money.

So what does she do?

Well, she makes a 12-minute porno flick and then posts it up on the net for all to download, hoping that her fame – or notoriety – will allow her to sell interviews for up to 30,000 yuan each.

But things don’t go to plan and the Shanghai cops eventually track her down and arrest her.

But does the Shanghai girl really count as a bona fide kappa?

Well, I’ll let you decide.

 Kappa girl Huang, the Kappa girl (Shanghai version)

 Kappa girl Kappa girl by gamera1985.

Note: Kappas are legendary creatures; a type of water spirit found in Japanese folklore. The most notable feature of a kappa is the water-filled depression on top of the head which is otherwise covered in scraggly hair. As you might expect, Kappa are mischievous troublemakers and they have a taste for young children. Sometimes, though, they befriend humans in exchange for gifts and offerings, especially cucumbers, which they crave. What for? Well let’s just say they don’t just want them to eat!