Friday, 9 January 2009

Octopus UFO crashes into wind turbine in Conisholme

LL > Aliens crashed their tentacle shaped spacecraft into a wind turbine Wednesday.

This was confirmed by Robert Palmer, Chairman of East Lindsey District Council, who said he saw a strange light in the sky the night before the turbine blade fell off:

"There was definitely something there," he said

This is pretty much unequivocally shows that the rogue aliens were responsible for the accident.

After the 9 foot green alien was captured and arrested by the local police, the alien admitted his mistake.

“We have the technology to fly billions of miles across the galaxy, evading meteors, asteroids and other hubris but wind turbines are much more difficult to avoid”, the alien explained.

“And besides I had been down the local pub. It was nice and I got carried away talking to the attractive blond barmaid. I must have drunk about 22 pints of the local ale.”

Police are holding the aliens for further questioning. Bail of 55 billion pounds worth of kryptonite has been refused. >END

Source: Louth Leader