Tuesday, 13 January 2009

On Personal Responsibility

I can hardly believe what I have just read.

Let’s say you go out with some friends, get utterly smashed over two hours of voluntary hard drinking, and then decide – voluntarily – to take your nice Audi sportscar for a drive.

The problem is, of course, that driving a high performance German sportscar when you are pissed out of your mind is not a very good idea. Especially when it leaves the road, and plunges over a ravine into the Joseph River below.

In the old days this would be a Darwin Award story -. i.e. how stupid people kill themselves.

But in the year 2009 in good old liberal Canada, what happens?

The bartender faces a fine of $100,000 and/or imprisonment of up to one year!!!

Now while I have every sympathy with the families of these idiots, to put away a bartender in prison because he sold drinks to a bunch of adults who ordered them is absolutely absurd. After all, hadn’t these idiots heard of coke?

Full story here.


wankongyew said...

Sheesh. In that case, they should also charge:

1) The guy's parents for failing to keep tabs on where he is and what he's up to at all times.

2) His driving school instructor for not properly teaching not to drink and drive.

3) The car manufacturer for not installing a system that would lock a drunk driver out of the car automatically.

4) All of the other patrons of the restaurant who were present at the time and could have seen that the group was clearly drunk and should have acted to prevent more drinks from being served to them or to prevent them from driving while clearly drunk.