Monday, 2 February 2009

Agus Noro is Captain Underpants!!!

Captain Underpants has been unmasked!

And he’s not a Yank like most of us expected but a religious wacko from the Republic of Indonesia who gives sermons to his followers in his underpants.

So has Captain Underpants been putting his superhero gifts to good effect?

Oh yes – you can bet he has:

Agus, who is called Agus Imam Solihin or 'leader of the faithful' by followers, is alleged to have had sex with his disciples and instructed them to have group sex while he watched in the sect's mansion outside Jakarta.

'We're investigating him based on a report made by a female follower named Kartiningsih on 26Jan. She complained that Agus had asked her to massage him and touch his genitals,' Mr Zulkarnain said.

'She was also made to have sex with him, while her husband and followers watched,' he added.

'After several months, he told them he was God and that they didn't have to do that (pray) anymore.'

Well, isn’t it amazing what people will do when they think they’re speaking to God?

As for Captain Underpants’ future plans, I don’t think he’ll want to sit around for too long – so expect him to make an appearance in your neighbourhood soon!