Thursday, 26 February 2009

Anuradha Bali: religion of convenience

There are few things that will shake a man’s religious resolve.
But there is one thing. And that one thing is love. And this is probably the only thing – bar money perhaps – that can melt down those seemingly formidable icy walls of theist dogma…
Now that’s all very well. Until they get divorced of course! Derrrr!!!

New Delhi, Feb. 21: Several Muslim religious authorities have decided to instruct muftis not to sanctify any marriage involving recent converts to try and stop cynical conversions to Islam for polygamy.

The move comes after the high-profile elopement and marriage of then Haryana deputy chief minister Chander Mohan and bureaucrat Anuradha Bali — who became Chand Mohammed and Fiza because Mohan already had a wife — and their subsequent break-up.

“Conversion to Islam just to get married for a second time is nothing but sacrilege and will not be tolerated. These weddings of convenience will not be allowed any more,” Moulana Mufti Ehsan Hasmi of the influential seminary, Darul Uloom Deoband, said.

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