Friday, 27 February 2009


Him: Are you into hypermiling?

Me: Hypemiling? What the fuck’s that?

Him: You mean you don’t know?! Don’t you want to save the planet or not, dude?


So what is hypermiling?

Well, basically driving in the most fuel-efficient way possible. But it doesn’t just mean driving like an old granny at 30 mph and breaking softly at the lights. Oh no. Cos hypermiling is a much more serious prospect than that.

How serious? Well, how about tailgating some huge truck with barely inches separating you – and with the engine off.

Now that’s serious by any standards.

Most hypermillers don’t take it hard core like that, though, and just follow the basics: keep your tires pumped up, stick to known routes, and most importantly of all: maintain an even speed as long as you possibly can.

This can result in some pretty crazy driving though. For example, I have a set of binoculars in my car so I can see a traffic light well before I reach it, and then I try to time myself so that I reach it while it’s still green. This usually means going real slow, however, resulting in a HUGE gap in front of you, and possibly a bunch or irate drivers behind you who are all honking on their horns and shouting out stuff like “get a move on wanker!” Nope, hypermiling ain’t for the faint hearted, and when some nutter who is stuck behind you risks a dangerous maneuver just to get past you - while giving you the up-yours V sign in the process - you really begin to wonder whether hypermiling is really worth it or not.

But it is. And if you get a bunch of hypermillers together, then you can have a lot of fun and drive in one long line, each car just inches from the other, until some granny’s dog runs unpredictably across the road, and then you have the sort of pile-up like you see on the crazy roads in Thailand where there are terrifying U turns on major roads into high speed oncoming traffic. Fun? You bet it is!!!!!

Dangerous drivingDriving like this is not hypermiling – even though you save the wear and tear on two of the tires!!


wankongyew said...

Eh, I assume you're joking about that binoculars line?

Anyway, I've heard of people installing special meters in their cars to monitor their fuel consumption rate on a real time basis. They then adjust their own driving styles and even commuting routes as appropriate to get it as low as possible.

I don't really drive enough to make it worthwhile for me, but I'd imagine it would make for a fun little game to try to optimize your driving this way.