Monday, 9 February 2009


Her: She really wants to hear from you… after all these years… you know it would mean so much to her if you contacted her again.

Him: Sure… is she on facebook?


Also on a virtual theme is the “newest breakthrough in sex technology", a device that sci fi writers were talking about 20 years ago but which now threatens the livelihoods of gold diggers anywhere where men have access to a computer.

The rocket-shaped RealTouch device is "developed and tested by a former NASA engineer" and contains belts, lubrication jets, heating elements and other gadgetry programmed to give men the feeling of sex.

One end of the canister-type devices sized to fit easily in one's lap is made of soft "Haptic" synthetic material akin to that used for nipples of baby bottles.

The faux-flesh wall is slotted to allow the insertion of, er, a body part of a man's choosing.

RealTouch devices connect to computers with USB cables and synchronize with adult movies streamed online so the inner workings replicate what a fellow might be feeling were he to be the man in the film.

A taste of things to come? Well I certainly hope not!

See more info on the device here (warning: not office friendly!)