Tuesday, 17 March 2009

JF Crook says he has solved Sudoku!

I’ve never been a big fan of Suduko but a scoop in US Today that a computer scientist has discovered a mathematical formula to solve the puzzle is – if true – big, big news.

Sudoku, strangely enough, isn’t Japanese but was invented by an American architect called Howard Garns, who had the puzzle first printed in Dell Magazines under the name "Number Place", starting in 1979.

News that the puzzle has been solved will affect millions of Sudoku players worldwide – including my pet cat Kevin who took up Sudoku after getting bored with the Rubik Cube. No longer will Suduko be the mysterious game it once was, but merely a simple mechanical formula that anyone will be able to follow to get the right answer. Sad, really. But such is progress. We’ll just have to move onto other things instead like predicting the random walk.

In the meantime, and before the secret is out, here is a Suduko puzzle for you to try out. Good Luck!!!