Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Moaner Lisa

Oh shit!

Yet another omen that the recession will be long and deep and that the global economy won’t start to recover until 2047 by which time only 5% of the global workforce will still have jobs –

- and it’s that the Mona Lisa’s famous grin is gone!!

 Moaner Lisa >Mona Lisa, by by Leonardo da Vinci

Yep folks – what 500 years of madness and two world wars and natural disasters and tsunamis and earthquakes and diseases (like AIDS) couldn’t do, the current global economic downturn could!!

Art lovers across the world have gone into mourning, sharing Mona Lisa’s grief and anger.

"Je ne sais quoi." said museum head Franco Frogg. "Sacre bleu and cherchez la femme!" he screamed before being ushered away to be guillotined.

But Anita Hoare, head of the Britain Museum, was more philosophical.

"The strangest aspect of all this is that there is no change in the portrait whatsoever. Computer analysis shows the same expression as before! No, it’s not her that has changed but us! Our frame of reference is different - this economic crisis is really having a very disturbing effect on us you know,” she mused.

And will the Mona Lisa ever smile again?

Well not until 2047 it seems…