Monday, 11 May 2009

The short and long of blogging

My previous blog post was my shortest ever - but was it the shortest blog post ever written? Most probably I reckon. Sure it’s possible that someone really has posted a completely blank page at one time or another, but, then again, why would they do that? After all, you wouldn’t write nothing to say something would you?

At the other end of the scale are long blog posts. There aren’t many of them these days as attention spans get ever shorter. My longest blog post on abortion and logic runs a mere 930 words and the longest blog post I have ever come across on the net is in the region of 5,000 words. So could the 5,000 words blog post be the longest blog post ever written? Well I suppose it could, but it’s difficult to know for sure - although search engines will help you find almost anything, they are not yet able to show you specific posts according to criteria like length. So, instead, you’d have to read through all the hundreds of millions of blog posts that have ever been written. And I can’t imagine that anyone would want to do that.

As for this pretty pointless blog post, it has a word count of 227. Not too long and not too short. Just plain old average really.

More to come soon…