Monday, 15 June 2009

Chastity Bono becomes Chaz Bono in sex change!

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PHOTO: Chastity Bono sex reassignment

Chastity Bono in 2005 and in 1993(R). Bono has announced her decision to move
forward with a female-to-male gender transition.
(Getty Images)

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Forget gay marriage, that is so passé.

Instead just take things to their natural conclusion and transform yourself sexually. From man to woman, or woman to man – it’s all good fun in the age of blurred sexual identity.

And getting us on the way is Chaz Bono (no relation to the U2 rock star) but, in fact the former daughter of Cher, and now, of course, her son.

But while Chaz now looks like a man, is he really?

Well, there are four factors that determine sex in humans. They are:

• Chromosomes,
• Gonads (ovaries and/or testicles),
• Hormone status, and
• Primary sex characteristics

And it’s not possible to change all these factors. Chromosomes, of course, can never be changed. As for gonads, well they can be removed, but not replaced. Ouch! Anyone want to become a eunuch?

Hormones, however, can easily be changed using drugs. Just go to Thailand and you can find some beautiful “women” there, but take them back home and you might get the shock of your life – as often happens to unsuspecting tourists who get drunk in Thai bars!

As for primary sex characteristics, well that remains a tough one although surgery and hormones can, theoretically, turn male anatomy into reasonable looking female plumbing. But as for changing female genital anatomy into an even reasonably decent looking male one, well, that is virtually impossible (as you might well imagine!).

So poor old Chaz Bono may be stuck with a tidler for some time to come.

Oh well. But as long as he’s happy right?

Good luck mate!!!!!


Ori said...

I think now Chaz looks more like a Mommy than ever. Malpractice? :D