Friday, 12 June 2009

Crop circles in Ashbury, Oxfordshire

Crop circles were a frequent phenomenon a number of years back, so I was interested to see on the BBC that a new one has just been discovered in a field in Ashbury, Oxfordshire.

jellyfish crop circle
The origin of the circle remains unknown but it could be either:

1) some pranksters looking for attention and making use of specific lengths of string to help them make nice neat concentric crop circles in creating an impressive design; OR:

2) Aliens who have visited Earth in UFOs, covering millions of light years in distance and who have nothing better to do (like actually greeting us) than to make a nice crop circle in the shape of a jellyfish. The shape of a jellyfish has been chosen because they want to signify something to us – perhaps that aliens look a lot like jellyfish or that jellyfish hold the secrets to the universe. Quite why the aliens aren’t more straightforward and just tell us directly what they want rather than create crop circles is because they are very very shy and reserved (a bit like the North Koreans) and they don’t want to have direct contact with us (either that or they are a bit afraid of contracting H1N1 Swine Flu which has now been declared a pandemic).

Take your pick. But I think I know which of the two possibilities is more likely!!!!!!!!