Monday, 8 June 2009

Dangerous ideas

In her latest post Skepbitch wonders why people pray. I’ve touched on the same idea before (in my World’s Greatest Conspiracy post) and so have many other skeptics. This particular idea is an interesting one but dangerous nonetheless (in certain countries having this idea could mean losing your life if the authorities ever found out). But while most dangerous ideas might not have such extreme ramifications, the consequences can still be major. Here are some that I can think of. Feel free to add any suggestions of your own…

1) Some time in the future all children will be raised by state institutions rather than by families. The state will be prompted to assume this role given the very high divorce rates that are currently leading to dysfunctional families and badly raised children.

2) Compulsory euthanasia at the age when you are no longer productive or at a certain fixed age, say 50. Governments will be forced to introduce such measures due to a severe lack of food arising from massive population pressures (the global population is now expected to reach above 9.4 billion people by 2050).

3) Not only will gay/lesbian marriages be sanctioned by the state but so will marriages between humans and animals (reflecting the fact that in some countries people actually consider their pets to be “full members” of the family. See my satirical post on cat marriage.

4) One of the main long term goals of a certain religion – implicitly suggested rather than explicitly – is to achieve global domination and have all members of the human race bound by its rules and laws.

5) Governments (and in particular the US government) have deliberately prevented important information from becoming public knowledge. Such cover-ups may relate to matters such as UFOs, the murder of JFK, 9/11, the deliberate creation of diseases (ever wondered where AIDS came from?) etc.

6) Humans have no souls. This is a far more devastating idea than evolution because it would mean that humans are only qualitatively different from animals rather than quantitatively. The impact on ethics and philosophy would be profound. After all, wouldn’t it mean that taking the life of another human is not that different from taking the life of a seal for example?

7) There are differences of intelligence based on ethnicity. See my post: why are Jews clever.

8) Although there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe, we are alone in the universe. This means that either life on earth is a complete fluke (with odds of billions and billions to 1 against it) or life is the result of some sort of “Intelligent Design”.

9) Some time in the distant future, nations will no longer exist. There will only be one country, one global currency, and people can move freely to wherever they want to go.

10) The internet and technology in general (i.e. spy cameras) will lead to the creation of an all-knowing Big Brother state in which the government, corporations and other entities are able to find information on any individual at any time and even where they are (i.e. through GPS microchips tagged on us at birth). Personal freedom is dead; we are constantly being monitored.