Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Wax model of Obama in Paris

Who wants to live forever? sang Freddy Mercury.

Obviously not him, because he lived a carefree life and died of Aids at the age of just 45.

But immortality – never having to die – is one of those things that will, I think, eventually become a real possibility rather than just a matter a speculation or fantasy.

Because it must just be a matter of time before the scientists locate the genes in DNA responsible for aging and come up with ways to alter them so that the aging process is stopped.

But let's hope they do it right. Otherwise it could mean that that 5-year old kid stays like a five year old forever!

Immortality might not be for everyone though. Yes, if you've got loads of money and a beautiful wife you might be quite happy, but I imagine the notion of death and the afterlife might provide some comfort to the factory workers of the world.

The idea that immortality is a curse rather than a savior is also the theme behind the story of my childhood comic hero Adam Eterno, a man who "cursed in 1580 by his master Erasmus Hemlock for quaffing the Elixir of Life, is doomed to wander the Timelines fighting evil and injustice forever".

But for now, immortality is still some way off and the best we can do is leave some sort of legacy. Like a wax statue, perhaps.

And the latest one to hit the headlines is by a Frenchman and it's of US President Barack Obama.

It's said to be very soft. Surprise surprise…

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