Friday, 24 July 2009

Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno to be spanked for drinking beer!

Most people in the West take it for granted that we can enjoy a beer if we want one. Sure it's not a good idea to drink too many – hangovers are never much fun – but we would never expect that a glass of the amber nectar would lead us to be canned in public. But that's the fate of Malaysian woman Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno who will be flogged for drinking beer in a nightclub last year.

Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno

But although the 32-year-old model will be lashed six times, she may actually have gotten off lightly – she could have been jailed for three years!

Personally, while I realize that countries make different laws according to local norms and cultures, it still strikes me as absurd that such cruel punishment can be inflicted on someone whose actions, let's face it, have not caused anyone else to suffer in anyway whatsoever. She hasn't hurt anyone, caused anyone to suffer a financial loss, or even embarrassed anyone.

Nope, not at all. In fact, all she has done is to do something which is not seen to be "morally acceptable". But, hey that's religious law for you.

Hopefully, a day will eventually come when adults are actually treated as adults and allowed to do the things they want to do. Even if the state doesn't like it. Sure, people will have to be responsible - and let me say if Kartika had sank 10 bottles of beer and done something stupid in a drunken stupor, then I wouldn't really have much sympathy for her at all. And as for people who drink and drive, then they really get all they deserve for putting other people's lives at risk.

But as for tonight, well it's a Friday of course and the end of the week.

So I think I'm gonna have a beer or two.

Bottoms up Kartika! And I hope they don't spank you too hard!


wankongyew said...

As I replied in response to your comment, this is a judgment from a Syariah court and not a regular civil court. I readily agree that the idea of a religious court is a bit silly in that religion should be a matter between an individual and his or her deity of choice (or lack thereof) but since the Syariah court is a recognized institution in many Muslim countries, it could be argued that the Muslims at least know what they're getting into.

The real tragedy in Malaysia is that Malays don't have a choice about not being Muslim. After all, since the Syariah court only has jurisdiction over Muslims, someone who really wants to drink alcohol should be able to just proclaim that no, he or she really doesn't want to be a Muslim anymore, and that will be the end of that. But with the way the constitution in Malaysia is written, this is virtually impossible. In practice, Malays can't really stop being Muslims even if they want to. That's the real crime in my opinion.

wankongyew said...

In case, you're interested:

An update to this case:

And the relevant Wikipedia entry on freedom of religion in Malaysia:

The Sycologist said...

thanks... I remember the case of Lina Joy on that issue. regards.


It's good for her... after she die... she will not enter the HELL... Inshallah... The punishment is not only for her... but for every muslim in over the world.... so... it's a educate for us.. a lesson.
you don't have any right to say like that...
You knew the bad of drink a beer... you knew that..
but why you drink it??? are you a dumb or dumber???

there is a law when you live in this world... that law is not human made... but it is the law of GOD.

so... silent Kuffar!

Mohd Nor said...

There's a reason on why Islam not allow it believers to take an alcohol. As you notice also all over the world have laws said "don't drink and drive". And why they do such that? You can say "what's wrong with only a glass or a sip of it?". It's call preventive... I send my car for service follow it schedule, rather then just use it under it broke down then service. It make more damage like that you know?

Actually it not only an alcohol but all thing's that can make you lost your judgment been "haram" (ban) by Islam 'except' in 'medical' term and there's no other way, example if you not take it then you'll die.

Beside, she's the one who admit, repent her sin then latest news is been asking for that sentence to be done, in public some more but been reject by the court...

Sunny said...

Maybe people should be publicly beaten for anything that is not good for them then, like eating too much fatty foods, not exercising enough, not servicing their car enough,not drinking enough water, having unsafe sex or not washing their hands after going to the toilet. After all, if we are not considered adult enough to chose our own religion or monitor our own alcohol intake, maybe big brother should be in charge of all areas of health and well-being.

Maggie+Noodles+Cement said...

Maybe it's just a publicity stunt. If you search Google again for Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, you won't find any of her work related photos (the article did mention that she was a model). Maybe she thought, if 6 strokes of the 'rotan' (cane) would help boost my career or popularity then 'pffft' that's nothing.

Of course you'd think that she won't get any work because of the bad press but think on how many magazine covers she'll do or how many interviews!

Besides it is really sad to be without the freedom to choose your own religion, but I know tons of Muslims who don't give a S**T anyway and they do what they like.
For her to be sentenced like that, it was either intentional or she was ratted out.
Cheeky image btw ;)

wankongyew said...

It's been reported in the local press here that she's only a part time model. She supposedly holds a full time job as a nurse in Singapore. While she's a Malaysian citizen, she apparently lives in Singapore now, which would explain why she forgot herself enough to drink alcohol in the country. Nobody would bat an eyelid at anyone who drinks a beer in Singapore, Muslim or not.

The Sycologist said...

Very true. And I guess it also helps to be connected to the elite: