Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Christopher Langan the bouncer

How clever do you think the bouncer pictured below is?

 Former Long Island bouncer Christopher Michael Langan has a verified IQ 35 points higher than Einstein’s
Not too bright? Pretty average?

Well, you’d be wrong by a long shot, cos he is in fact America’s most intelligent man with a measured IQ of between 195 and 210 – or 35 points higher than Einstein’s!!!

His life story is pretty incredible: he grew up in poverty and was beaten by his step dad until he took up weight training and booted him out of the house!

Christopher Langan went to university but had financial problems and “knew more than the professors anyway”, and after that – despite his phenomenal intelligence – he worked a string of labor-intensive jobs (construction worker, cowboy, firefighter, and farmhand), and for over twenty years, as a bouncer on Long Island!

This must amount to one of the most spectacular misuses of intellectual resources there has ever been (he could have done anything for God’s sake (i.e. options trader, scientist), but eventually his abilities were recognized for his Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe.

Interestingly, he claims that the existence of God can be proved using mathematics (we are still waiting, hmmm) but he doesn’t belong to any religion because he doesn’t like religious dogma.

Thank God for that!

NB: For more on Christopher Langan check out the One Man’s Blog. Interesting stuff.


cody said...

i watched the video, he is beyond genius. He's not even considered human in my mind, i would consider him a "homo novus"