Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Jared Rohrig: guilty or not?

Imagine that you are an identical twin and that your twin brother – who looks exactly like you of course – is married.

You then go over to your brother’s house to see your brother but he is not there as he has gone out.

However, his hot wife – you can pretty much guess what I am going to say now – is there and she wrongly believes you to be her husband!

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining and she’s in the mood. She starts to get frisky with you and you don’t reject her advances. Eventually you end up in the bedroom and the fireworks show takes place.

The question now is this:

Although what you did may have been morally wrong, is it a crime? And does it even count as rape/sexual assault? After all, she made all the moves, not you.

Purely hypothetical, you say.

Well wrong – because this pretty much happened to a 25-year-old woman from Connecticut who only realized she wasn’t making out with her husband when she discovered that “her husband” – who was actually his twin brother, Jared Rohrig - didn’t have a tattoo on his butt like her husband does!!!!!

The woman shared a hot tub with the man she thought was Jared's brother Joe Rohrig then moved on to a bedroom, the report quoted a police search warrant as saying after the July incident.

Only then, while having sex, did she notice the absence of Joe Rohrig's usual cowboy tattoo on his left buttock, the report said.

"The female victim realised at this point that this was not the person she previously had sexual relations with," the warrant is quoted as saying.

Jared Rohrig has been charged with sexual assault and criminal impersonation, The Advocate reported. He is to be arraigned in court September 8.

Source: ninemsn


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