Monday, 3 August 2009

Liu Bolin and when concealment becomes a strategy

Someone has pointed me to the art of Chinese artist Liu Bolin, and I have to say I’m impressed.

Liu Bolin asks whether humans are animals, and comes to the conclusion we are not since we have lost our ability to conceal ourselves from a hostile environment, unlike, say, a rattlesnake (which can bury itself in the ground), or a chameleon (which can change its hues to match the color of its surroundings).

In fact, you could say that Liu Bolin is the complete opposite of today’s typical attention-seeking cam whore (not that I’ve got anything against cam whores of course!).

Because unlike these women who will do virtually (sic) anything to be seen, Liu Bolin is instead adopting alternate strategies to conceal himself.

But all is not what it seems and in a sense you could argue that it is Liu Bolin who makes the greater impression by seeking not to stand out – as opposed to the cam whores who reveal nearly everything but ultimately make no lasting impression at all.

Strange how it all works out.

Incredibly, Liu Bolin uses only paint to conceal himself and doesn't use visual tricks.



wankongyew said...

Impressive stuff but I wonder how well this works in real life. You'd pretty much have to be looking at him at a very specific distance and angle to get the effect I'd imagine.