Thursday, 20 August 2009

On the pinhead of universal irrationality

If you really want to get your head into a twist take a look at these dice:


Mind bending huh?

But not nearly as bizarre as what the scientists and astronomers tell us about the Universe.

Like what I was told by my teacher when, as an inquisitive kid, I asked him about the origins of the Universe. He then – as you might guess – went on to tell me about the Big Bang and how EVERYTHING in the universe was created in a super huge explosion and that only a fraction of a second after the Big Bang the universe was only about the same size as a pin head!

I didn’t believe him then, and I don’t believe him now. Just imagine: EVERYTHING you have ever seen on this planet, the oceans, the mountains, the cities etc, and all the stars and planets, and all the billions of galaxies in the universe, compressed into an area the size of a pin head!


He also told me the universe would eventually contract back in on itself and that the whole process would start again with another Big Bang billions of years in the future.

But times have since changed and scientists now go on about something called “Dark Matter”.

And the implication?

Well, that the universe will not contract but that it will instead expand at an ever-faster rate forever – and that, eventually, as the universe spreads out further and further, it will get colder and colder, until all the atoms vibrate no more (meaning -273 degrees C) and that the universe then basically dies.

Oh well. Let’s just hope they are wrong. And guess what? The latest research suggests they could be!


Sunny said...

e end of the day, irrelevant of whether it expands or contracts, the point is that we will never know or care which it did because we will be obliterated into tiny particles either way. Yes? The rest is just an intellectual exercise really.

tikno said...

interesting post !!