Thursday, 5 November 2009

Happy Bonfire night!

Today is the day in which bonfires are lit across the UK to celebrate the failed attempt of a bunch of embittered Catholics to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605 (now over 400 years ago!) I always liked this day as a kid as it gave me an excuse to make a bonfire in the garden – something I would not usually be able to do otherwise. The key to making a good bonfire is to only use dry woods and materials and to make sure no plastic items or damp things make it into the fire. Start with small twigs to get it going, and place large logs on the fire center once it has really got going. If you’re American you might like to “cook” marshmallows on the bonfire, but if you have a more curious side to your personality you may be tempted to chuck things onto the fire like aerosol cans to see what happens. Those of you who reckon you are hard may wish to walk on the smoldering embers of the fire once it is out. And Hindus may wish to cremate someone.

But for those who believe that carbon dioxide emissions are the cause of global warming you may wish to dispense with the idea of having a bonfire altogether!