Friday, 13 November 2009

Michael Jackson and Warhol

Find a magazine with a picture of Michael Jackson in it. Cut out the picture using a pair of scissors. Now the creative part: scan it into a PC and then mess around with the colors a bit using Photoshop.

And hey presto: you have a masterpiece worth $812,500!

 Michael Jackson and Warhol
A "Thriller"-era silk-screened portrait of Michael Jackson created by Andy Warhol has sold for $812,500 to an anonymous collector.

The 1984 portrait depicts a smiling Jackson in a jacket with squiggles of red and yellow in his hair.

I’ve done a similar thing with the singer Beyonce:

 Beyonce and Warhol

Now the original isn’t for sale. But I am offering prints at just US$100 (payment via Paypal)!

And I reckon this is a good offer. Cos it’s a lot cheaper than Warhol’s Michael Jackson – whose value, let’s face it, won’t hold up in the long term. I mean, sure Warhol is still famous today, but who is going to care about his pop art in say another 50 years? Or what about in 100 years? US$812,500 for Jacko pop art? I’d rather eat a banana...