Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Sacked for buying Zhu Zhu Hamsters!

Although I’m essentially libertarian I find it quite unbelievable that citizens of so-called “free” countries put up with greedy corporations that basically consider their employees to be worthless and replaceable sub-humans who do nothing for the company and who can be sacked at will with no consideration whatsoever for the welfare of that individual and/or the welfare of that individual’s family.

Target fires 7 workers for buying Zhu Zhus

David Lawrinowicz of Lancaster had worked at Target for nearly eight years before the company fired him Wednesday — for buying two Zhu Zhu Pets.

(Yes, not stealing them but for buying them!)

Lawrinowicz, who worked the overnight at the Cheektowaga location on Walden Avenue, helped unload a shipment of the hot holiday toy at the start of his shift around 11 p.m. Before leaving for the day at 5 a.m. the next morning, he and six other employees lined up to buy a few of the plush hamsters each. Overnight employees are allowed to make purchases during the company’s off hours.

None of the workers bought more than the limit of four Zhu Zhu Pets per customer. In fact, Lawrinowicz bought just two of them for his daughter Jessica. There were more hanging on the store’s racks when the employees cashed out.

A few days later, Lawrinowicz said he was called into the human resources office and told employees were not allowed to purchase “popular items” until the store opens at 8 a.m. There was no write-up, and he went back to finish his work.

Two weeks later, he and the other co-workers including his team leader were called in and fired by a choked-up, apologetic store manager. They were told the company’s policy about buying “two-day ad items” had been clearly posted in a sign over the employee time clock.

Source: Buffalonews


Can you imagine a more blatant abuse of human rights than this?

And not only is this sort of corporate behavior a savage indictment of the inhumanity and brutality of capitalism – only capital matters, people are worthless – it also shows the hypocrisy of the Americans in criticizing human rights abuses in other countries like China and Russia while they in fact behave no better.

By comparison, the CEOs of companies can, of course, get away with much worse behavior than buying a couple of Zhu Zhu hamsters for their children – using the services of prostitutes comes to mind as one of their lesser indiscretions. And as for what politicians get up to, well, I don’t want to go down that road here.

And even when employees do violate procedures shouldn’t the punishment fit “the crime”? Surely a warning letter or discussion with someone in the HR dept be more fitting than inhumanely booting the employee out of the company?

It’s a mad world out there. So take care. And if you buy a Zhu Zhu hamster over the holiday period please spare a though for those who have lost their jobs….