Wednesday, 24 February 2010

George, the world’s tallest dog!!!

Say hello to George.

 George, the world’s tallest dog!!!
The world’s tallest dog!

When standing he’s nearly 43 inches tall from paw to shoulder.

His weight? An astonishing 245lbs!!! So when you’re playing with him be careful – else you could be squashed as flat as a pancake if he managed to get on top of you!

From nose to tail he’s 7feet 3inches!!

And boy does he eat – his appetite his so huge that he guzzles down 100lbs of food every month. And he’s a fussy eater too – only the best steaks for this huge Great Dane who lives in Arizona, the USA.

And nope there’s no kennel for this monster dog either.

As if one could be big enough!

Instead he sleeps in his very own bed.

A king-sized one.